The Montour Trail Reasons to Become a Member
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Members tell us that the primary membership benefit is the warm feeling of giving back to a much-loved local resource. Membership donations are a major source of revenue and help us cover annual trail maintenance and operating expenses.

Members also receive a bi-monthly newsletter, an invitation to the Annual dinner meeting, bumper stickers, and member discounts for events like the Tour the Montour and the Montour Trail Council Half-Marathon.

Your membership, along with those of all other members, helps us substantiate the broad public support the Montour Trail enjoys. The more members we have, the louder our voice speaks when we go to any individual or group for support.

When we apply for capital project funding to support new trail development, one of the first things that foundations and government agencies look at is the size of the membership body. Your membership donations do more than just maintain the trail—they also allow us to expand and develop new trail.

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