The Montour Trail Hurricane Ivan: Damage and Recovery
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On September 17, 2004, ...

...the storm remnants of Hurricane Ivan, a Category 5 hurricane and the tenth largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, swept across western Pennsylvania. The storm dropped 5.95 inches of rain on Pittsburgh in one day, the highest daily rainfall ever recorded. Widespread flooding resulted.

Among the streams reaching levels never seen before was Montour Creek, which overflowed its banks, covering the trail, the road, and some businesses. The first 9½ miles of the trail were destroyed. In some places, the very ground was removed, leaving a boulder-strewn ravine where the trail had been. Years of careful labor were destroyed. Repair costs were estimated at $½million.

Amazingly, thanks to the overwhelming efforts of volunteers and donors, trail was restored to full use within only a year. A grand reopening ceremony was held on September 16, 2005. At that time, the trail thanked the following for their support in this difficult time:

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