I lost/found something along the Trail.  What can I do?

We don’t have a formal lost/found repository, but you can check for things in two locations:

  • Put a notice on our Facebook group page to contact a lot of Trail users really fast.
  • Call the Trail office to leave a description and contact information.

Are horses permitted on the Montour Trail?

Horses are permitted on the shoulders of the Trail in Cecil between Morganza Road and the crossing of Route 980 and Route 50. Equestrians are requested to clean up after their horses and walk them through the tunnel. Check here for rules and guidelines.

 I want to plan a group event on the trail. Is there anything I need to do?

See our policy on Trail events.


Getting Involved

How can I get involved with the Trail?

There are lots of ways! Start by signing up for our Facebook group to find out what’s going on. Join the Montour Trail Council to receive our newsletter and help build the Trail. Then find a Friends group or volunteer.

I sent a request for information a week ago. Why haven’t I heard anything?

We are an all-volunteer organization. Those answering the phone or emails generally have full-time jobs and do not have back-ups for when they are on vacation, out of town, ill, or just plain swamped with other commitments. We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as we can, but we ask for your understanding if you catch us at a busy time. Sometimes you can get a faster response to some types of questions from the Facebook group.


Serious Ride Planning

What is the Great Allegheny Passage?

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) rail-trail offers 150 miles of hiking and biking between Cumberland, Maryland, and Pittsburgh. It connects to the Montour Trail system in Clairton, a town southeast of Pittsburgh. In Cumberland, the GAP joins the C&O Canal Towpath, creating a continuous trail experience, 320 miles long, to Washington, DC.

How can I find out more about planning a trip on the GAP?

The GAP website has plenty of information about accommodations and more. For the Montour Trail section of your ride, you can use our campsites. And see our interactive map for more support.

Are there any other lodging opportunities not listed on the GAP web site? There seem to be very few options listed for the eastern half of the Montour Trail.

There are no hotels in Clairton, Glassport or McKeesport. Your other options are a very nice but somewhat-pricey bed & breakfast in Jefferson Hills Borough or a less-expensive motel on Route 51 in Jefferson Hills that involves a two-mile ride down fairly busy four-lane Route 51 that has no shoulders. Alternately, you can ride to a bed & breakfast in Boston on the outskirts of McKeesport, which is probably a 30- to 45-minute bike ride, partially on roads from MP 46 at the southeast end of the Montour Trail.

Are there hotels near the Trail that provide free airport limousine service?

There are several hotels near the airport that have free shuttles from the airport for their guests. Call in advance to ask if they can transport your bike. You could start out riding on the Trail first thing in the morning. Retail establishments are listed here as a public service, not an MTC endorsement of services.

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