Enter the Photo Contest

 What is the Photo Contest?

Image: Jeanine Leech

Between the ubiquitous cell phone cameras, as well as the great new digital point-and-shoot cameras and terrific SLRs in everyone’s pockets, it seems that we are all photographers nowadays. And what better place to capture beautiful and interesting images than our Montour Trail, right? So, to that end the Montour Trail Council conducts a bi-monthly photo contest. Entered photos get displayed in our photo album. All photos submitted before the next newsletter deadline will be given careful consideration by the Trail’s crack photo judges. (No, the judges do not smoke crack, but they might conduct their deliberations from a local pub that has WiFi.)

The winner of each bi-monthly contest receives Montour Trail accoutrements worth thousands of pennies, selected specifically for them. But of course, what are a few baubles compared to the inestimable feeling of accomplishment you will receive from knowing that your photographic skills have finally received the recognition they deserve? Winners photos are published (with their name) in the Montour Trail Newsletter for all to adore and admire! What could be better than that?

All submissions will be added to the Trail’s photo album.

Image: Tracey Gapinski DeardorffEnter Now!

Everyone is invited to submit one photo for each newsletter. Judges take into account content, composition and artistic expression. Subjects might include, but are not limited to, Trail users, flora and fauna, exercise equipment, pets, trail structures, and the like. You should include the Trail in your entry shot but is not absolutely necessary.

So email your photo to mtcphotocontest@montourtrail.org. Include your name and a brief description of why and where the picture was taken along the Trail.

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