Privacy Policy

Because we recognize that your privacy is important, the Montour Trail Council established a privacy policy to address use of our website, as well as information that you may provide to us via other means, for example by becoming a member, participating in MTC events, or other interactions with the MTC.

What information do we collect?

Our website does not use cookies, nor do we not collect any incidental user information unless you take a specific action in filling out an on-line form, such as signing up for an event, making a donation, volunteering or becoming a member.  In these cases, the only information we collect is what you enter into the form on our website.

In some cases, our website may redirect you to another website for a specific purpose, such as PayPal (for submitting payments) or Race360 (for event registration).  In these cases, information collected is subject to that website’s privacy policy.  Credit card information provided to PayPal or other payment handlers is not relayed to the MTC.

Collected information also includes information you may provide to us by filling out forms for event registration, membership, or volunteer activities.  Such information will also be protected in accordance with this policy.

How is the information protected?

Information is held in confidence and will never be provided to third parties. We will not sell or otherwise provide mailing lists to outside individuals. The data are stored in our membership database, which is password-protected and can be accessed only by MTC administrative personnel.

How is the information used?

Contact information may be used to communicate with you periodically concerning trail news and events. Such contact may be via postal mail, email, or (rarely) telephone. Other information is used only in the course of planning the related activities, to assure safety, adequate supplies, etc.

You may opt-out of such communications by sending an email to, or clicking the opt-out link in a bulk email from us.


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