There are a number of water fountains and portable toilets along the Montour Trail. The Allegheny Trail Alliance has done a fantastic job of assembling a list of businesses within a short distance of the Trail. To find out about food, lodging, and other services, visit the food and lodging sections of their website. Select a detail map, and click on the Trail Amenities link on the right.

Trailside water fountains

MP 1.4  Hassam Road parking area – Moon Township

MP  3.1  Beaver Grade Rd. access area

MP 4.1  near gazebo by Park Manor Road

MP 7.6  McClaren Road-Enlow Ballpark parking area

MP 13.2  Outland

MP 21.4  Galati Road access area

MP 22.6  Cecil Park (down park access trail)

MP 25.6)  Cecil Henderson Road access area

MP 32.2  ~ 25 feet off trail,just east of McMurray Rd. crossing

MP 32.9  up access trail into Peterswood Park)

Bethel Branch  Limestone Road access area

Portable toilets

MP 0.0)  Moon Township near Coraopolis

MP 1.4  Hassam Road parking area – Moon Township

MP 3.1  Beaver Grade Road – Robinson Township

MP 5.9  Cliff Mine Rd parking area – Findlay Township

MP 7.6  McClaren Road – Enlow Ballpark parking area

MP 11.5  Boggs parking area

MP 14.6  QuickSilver parking area

MP 17.5  McDonald Parking Area – (Montour-Panhandle connector)

MP 21.4  Galati Road access area

MP 22.5  Cecil Park (full restrooms)

MP 24.7  McConnell Road parking area – Cecil Township

MP 25.6  Cecil Henderson Road access area (Kurnick)

MP 30.6  St. Petersburg Plaza

MP 32.8  Peterswood Park (full restrooms) – 1/4 mi on side path to park

MP 36.7  Stewart Road

MP 38.1  Triphammer trailhead (east side trailhead only)

MP 40.1  along Piney Fork Road, under railroad overpass

MP 46.3  Clairton parking area

Bethel branch  south of Clifton Road

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