Mobility-Impaired Visitors

Policy Summary for Individuals who are Mobility Impaired

The Montour Trail Council, in keeping with its original Mission Statement, continues to invite people with varying physical abilities to enjoy the recreational opportunities provided by the Montour Trail. In keeping with that Mission Statement and allowing for new criteria set up by the Department of Justice regarding use of trails by persons with disabilities, the board of the Council has adopted the following policy:

  • Wheelchairs as defined by the DOJ regulations are always allowed whether powered or not.
  • Other Powered Mobility Devices may be used by persons who are mobility impaired if they meet the following characteristics:
    • Not wider than 36 inches
    • Cannot travel faster than 15 mph under its own power on a level surface
  • Devices powered by internal combustion engines may not be utilized for travel on the Montour Trail.

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