Mobility-Impaired Visitors

A Trail for Everyone, No Matter Their Abilities

The Montour Trail is a shared-use resource, where all users should respect others’ right to be there. In keeping with MTC’s mission statement, we encourage people with varying physical abilities to enjoy the recreational opportunities that the Trail provides. MTC’s e-bikes and other powered devices policy incorporates criteria set up by the Department of Justice regarding use of trails by persons with disabilities.

Wheelchairs as defined by DOJ regulations are always allowed, whether powered or manual, except for gasoline-powered mobility devices.

Electric and battery-powered mobility devices are allowed if they:

    • Are less than 36 inches wide
    • Are restricted to traveling less than 15 mph under their own power on a level surface
    • Are operated at a speed safe for conditions
    • Have a power rating less than 750 watts
    • Weigh under 100 pounds
    • Meet the DOJ definition of “wheelchair

Speed safe for conditions relates to varying user circumstances (other nearby trail users, special events, congested trail sections, faster/slower users, dogs on leashes, etc.) as well as to trail hazards (loose gravel, limited sight line, heavy rain/snow/ice, steep drop-off). Riding too fast for conditions is a top contributor to accidents, especially on a multi-use trail such as the Montour.

Vehicles with internal-combustion engines are not permitted on the Montour Trail, except for official maintenance and police/emergency vehicles.

Handicapped Access

Since most of the Trail’s surface is hard-packed crushed limestone — which is not always perfectly smooth — the best location for wheelchair use is the Peters Township paved section called Arrowhead Trail. The Trail here is asphalt surface from Route 19 near Valley Brook Road on the west end through Peterswood Park and past the Montour Trail/Bethel Park junction to Brush Run Road. There are a number of handicapped-parking access areas on that 4-mile section:

Valley Brook Road & US Route 19                  Mile 30.4  40° 17.518′ N, 80° 6.402′ W

Valley Brook Road & Maplewod Drive          Mile 31.0  40° 17.147′ N, 80° 5.959′ W

Bebout Road Handicap-Only Area                Mile 32.9  40° 16.738′ N, 80° 4.168′ W

Peterswood Park Pavilion 4                            Mile 32.9  40° 16.397′ N, 80° 04.002′ W

Peterswood Park Softball Complex               Mile 33.4  40° 28.3702′ N, 80° 06.162′ ‘W

Brush Run Road, Bethel Branch                    Mile B-2.8  40° 17.560′ N, 80° 3.520′ W                                       Note: There is a steep hill on the Trail here, just south of the parking area.


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