Montour Trail Council Mode of Transport Policy including E-bikes

Montour Trail Council Mode of Transport Policy

Statement of Purpose:
The Montour Trail is a non-motorized trail. Vehicles with gasoline powered engines are strictly prohibited. This policy details the permissible modes of transport in recognition that some people have special needs, and those individuals should be encouraged to use the Montour Trail, while at the same time respecting the wish for a quality experience for all users.

Section A: All non-motorized forms of transportation are allowed, with the following restrictions:
1. Not wider than 36 inches.
2. Horses only in designated areas
3. Operated at a safe speed for conditions.

Section B: Motorized forms of transportation are not allowed, with the following exceptions:
1. Maintenance and other specific vehicles designated by the Montour Trail Council
2. Powered mobility devices described in the Montour Trail Mobility-Impaired Policy:
3. Emergency and police vehicles
4. Bicycles with an electric assist system (e-bikes)

Bicycles with an Electric Assist System are considered to be any unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, or quadracycle with an electric motor not exceeding 750 watts of power, a maximum weight of 100 pounds, pedal-assist, and top-speed utilized not in excess of 15 miles per hour, or less if otherwise noted. *

“This definition is in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission Public Law 107–319, 116 Stat., Act 2776”

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