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Event Policy

To balance the needs of all our users with those of groups wishing to hold an organized event or special activity, the Montour Trail Council has adopted an Event Policy to regulate group-event planning. Organizers hosting an event expected to include more than 25 participants must complete an application process as detailed below, unless that event is included in a Trail Friends Group annual plan. We encourage those planning smaller group events  to complete an application as well.

Informal Events

The MTC supports informal events (small organized walks, runs or rides) involving less than 25 participants. The organizers of these do not need to follow the event policy approval process as long as all of the following are true:

  1. The organization sponsoring the event or special activity is not a for-profit entity.
  2. No fee or donation is charged to participate, contributions will not be solicited, and nothing will be sold.
  3. The event will be conducted in a manner not to disrupt the normal operation of the Trail.
  4. No tables, tents, chairs, signs or booths are set up on Trail property, including trailhead parking lots.
  5. The event does not include organized distribution of food or beverages.
  6. The event causes no restrictions on Trail or parking-lot usage by other Trail users who are not part of the event.
  7. Usage of Trail property is in accordance with all Trail rules, and the event is conducted in accordance with MTC policy guidelines.
  8. No literature or promotional giveaways are handed out to Trail users.
  9. The sponsoring organization will remove all non-incidental trash generated from the event — and will not place it in MTC receptacles.

Event Application Process

For events that do not meet the criteria for informal events, you must submit an application at least eight weeks before the event date. Special events may not, in general, be for the benefit of a for-profit entity. Events may not require closure of any part of the Trail, except under circumstances described in the policy. Organizers must accept the responsibilities and conditions described in the policy.

Note that the downloadable application form has input elements embedded so that the information can be entered from Adobe Acrobat and submitted via email. You may also print the form and complete it on hard copy.

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