It's easy to become a volunteer! Send an email tovolunteer@montourtrail.org to get started.

During a “work party,” Montour Trail Friends group volunteers pause for a break during another construction project. The Trail would not be in existence without their much-appreciated efforts.

The Montour Trail Council is an all-volunteer organization. We can always use assistance from willing persons who want to share their talent to improve the Trail.

Become a volunteer!


Become a volunteer!

Trail ambassador

Think of the MTC as a business. It takes an incredibly diverse set of skills to make the trail what it is and will become. Whatever your interests finance, event planning, fundraising, membership enrollment, legal, real estate, government relations, engineering, construction, trail building, bike patrolling, IT, writing, graphic design, archivist, photography — there is likely to be a similar need within the MTC somewhere. You’ll meet some nice people, and find it’s fun to work together and keep the Montour Trail strong and growing.

Become a volunteer!I have never before volunteered with a group that was so focused on working toward a common, single goal.


From time to time, we call on anyone interested to volunteer at special events that help us promote awareness, increase membership and raise funds. People with links to neighborhood, civic and business organizations can help Montour better tie into its communities.

Become a volunteerTree down? Let’s clear it. Something broken? Find out how we can fix it. Trash on the trail? Pick it up. Hey, we’re all volunteers; we do this stuff because we believe it’s important – plus, we like it!


We encourage (and salute) local businesses to stage “corporate work parties,” where volunteers perform clean-up or build replacement structures, sometimes in conjunction with Earth Day, National Trail Day or Make a Difference Day observances. (The annual Make A Difference Day in late October is a great way for individuals/groups to give something back to their communities. If you want to participate, pick an area and fix it! It’s not just a great way to give back, it’s an opportunity for all of us to improve our communities.)

Become a volunteer!It’s something when you can take your kids or your neighbor out on the Trail and say, Hey, we worked on that!


Many corporations donate supplies for annual events — even property for rights-of-way and plants to fill our flower boxes. We offer opportunities to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts (email scouts@montourtrail.org) to earn merit badges by building Trail-side benches or developing interpretive signage. Surely we all know someone in one of these categories who would be a candidate for volunteer work on the Montour Trail.

Become a volunteer!The Montour Trail is so familiar to this region that it’s become a household name. We are an all-volunteer organization, and nothing happens without them. The trail needs people who believe in it and support it.


If you want to volunteer, send a quick email to volunteer@montourtrail.org with your name, email address, phone number, and general areas of volunteer interest. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible! In addition, you can review our newsletter for what’s going on or check out one of the Friends groups. Alternatively, you can ask or learn about volunteer opportunities on the Facebook Enthusiasts group, an unaffiliated forum of Montour Trail users who regularly post their observations and opinions.


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