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The Best Way to Support the Trail? Be a “They”


It never fails. One of our volunteers will be working on the Trail, and someone walking by will stop to ask, “When are they going to finish the trail?” “Are they gonna move that dead tree outta the way?”

When asked, “Who do you think they are?” the answer is almost always “the government,” and whether it’s federal, state or local is irrelevant. A project as big as the Montour Trail has to be a government job. Right?

Wrong! They are the volunteers — people like you — who volunteer their time to cut the grass, install the fences, deck the bridges, put up the signs, and do the dozens of other jobs (seen and unseen) that make the Montour Trail possible.

They are also the people who donate money and in-kind contributions to the cause. But whatever the contribution — time, money or both — the bottom line is: no they, no Montour Trail.

We need more theys to get this great project finished and to keep it open for future generations to use and enjoy. We need you to be a they.

In summer 2018, heavy rains flooded the Trail’s southeast section, resulting in significant bed damage. Volunteers raised funds to buy supplies for repairs, then carried out the heavy lifting required to fill deep holes and resurface.