After a “work party,” Montour Trail volunteers pause for a break. The Trail would not be in existence without their much-appreciated efforts.

The Montour Trail Council is an all-volunteer organization. We can always use assistance from willing persons who want to share their talent to improve the Trail.


Trail ambassador


Think of the MTC as a business. It takes an incredibly diverse set of skills to make the trail what it is and will become. Whatever your interests finance, event planning, fundraising, membership enrollment, legal, government relations, engineering, construction, trail building, bike patrolling, IT, writing, graphic design, archivist, photography there is likely to be a similar need within the MTC somewhere. You’ll meet some nice people, and find it’s fun to work together and keep the Montour Trail strong and growing.

The MTC welcomes volunteers with a wide variety of backgrounds — even T-shirt designers!

From time to time, we call on anyone interested to volunteer at special events that help us promote awareness and raise funds. If you want to volunteer, join our Facebook group, or hook up with one of the Friends groups. Also, watch our newsletter for what’s going on.

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