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In general, the Montour Trail Council develops policy to help ensure that all users have a safe and positive experience. These policies also protect and enhance this shared resource for present and future users.

E-bikes and Other Powered Devices Policy

The Montour Trail prohibits motorized vehicle use. This policy details permissible modes of transportation — such as e-bikes, wheelchairs, and maintenance vehicles. It also recognizes that some users have special needs.

Trail Rules

Montour Trail users should follow all rules, which will help to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

Mobility-Impaired Policy

Montour Trail Council policy incorporates criteria set up by the Department of Justice regarding use of trails by persons with disabilities. You can read about handicapped access here.

Policy for Trail Users with Horses

Horses are allowed ONLY in specific parts of Cecil Township, and users must comply with MTC rules. See policy for Trail users with horses.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important. The Montour Trail Council privacy policy addresses use of our website, among other topics. It also pertains to information that you provide to us via other means. Examples include becoming a member, participating in MTC events, and other interactions with the MTC.


What information do we collect?

Our website does not use cookies. We do not collect incidental user information unless you take a specific action in filling out an on-line form. In these cases, the only information we collect is what you enter into the form on our website.

In some cases, our website may redirect you to another website for a specific purpose, such as submitting payments or registering for an event.  In these cases, that website’s privacy policy determines what happens to the information collected. MTC does not receive credit card information provided to PayPal or other payment handlers.

Collected information also includes data you provide to us by filling out forms for event registration, membership, or volunteer activities. MTC’s privacy policy protects such information.


How is the information protected?

Montour Trail Council regards Information as confidential and never conveys it to third parties. We will not sell or otherwise provide mailing lists to outside individuals. The data stored in our membership database is password-protected. Only MTC administrative personnel can access that information.


How is the information used?

The Council might use contact information to communicate with you periodically concerning trail news and events. Such contact may be via postal mail, email, or (rarely) telephone. Other information contributes solely to planning events, ensuring safety, etc.

You may opt-out of such communications by sending an email to MTCoffice@montourtrail.org, or clicking the opt-out link in a bulk email from us.

Event Policy

MTC’s event policy balances the needs of all Trail users with those of groups wishing to hold organized events or special activities.

Winter Maintenance Policy

Montour Trail volunteers do not perform snow and ice removal during winter months, since this practice can damage the limestone trail surface. Policy states that winter Trail users may encounter slick surfaces and, consequently, should exercise caution, especially on bridges, in tunnels, and at low-lying areas.

Sign Policy

The sign policy protects and enhances the viewscape of the Montour Trail. It preserves the limited space in MTC Trail-side literature boxes for important Trail-related communications with Trail users. Except in a few limited cases, we prohibit non-Montour Trail signs — including political signs and advertisements — and will remove them. In a few cases, there are kiosks at trailheads and parking areas for public-interest postings.

Safety & Etiquette Recommendations

Whether you are cycling, running, walking or exercising your pet on the Montour Trail, review these safety and etiquette tips before you visit.

Camping Rules

Our camping sites allow people thru-traveling the Montour Trail to spend the night trail-side. Read the policy here.