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Author: Fran Hensler

by Elizabeth Babcock This video … wow. I confess that in the years when I rode the first section of the Montour Trail from Coraopolis, I had no knowledge of how the trail came to be. I just knew it was there, it was public access, and I wanted to ride it. And oh, how I rode it. I put in thousands of miles over several years on that first 11.5 mile section. It was an anchor point in my life—something that I

By Deb Thompson Perhaps one of the knottiest problems in the history of the Montour Trail is how-the-heck to deal with ebikes. We started a rail-trail in the days when no one knew what that was, managed to rebuild after Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and rebuilt the McDonald Trestle and the Library Viaduct, but it seems that none of these has generated the hand-wringing and controversy as deciding how to manage ebikes. First, let’s be clear about the definition of ebike, or