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We’ve been working to complete the Montour Trail since 1989, and every year, we get closer to the finish line. There are three incomplete on-road sections in the southern portion.

These bypasses require on-road travel where you share the route with vehicles, along relatively flat rural streets. In most cases, there are temporary signs along the bypass sections and paper detour directions at the trailheads.


Pleasant Street to Stewart Road (Trail Miles 36.0 to 36.8)

0.5-mile temporary off-road trail

0.3-mile on-road bypass   

Temporary Trail Mile 36.0 40°17.248′ N, 80°01.165′ W; Mile 36.5 40° 17.304′ N, 80° 0.693′ W

On-road detour Mile 36.5 40°17.304′ N, 80°0.693′ W;  Mile 36.8 40° 17.374′ N, 80° 0.515′ W

Eastbound: From MM 36.0, the limestone-surfaced trail continues 510 feet and crosses over Summit Drive along the concrete-decked bridge. From there, the temporary trail is surfaced with compacted 2A stone, limestone with larger 1- to 2-inch rocks in it, for another 530 feet to the bottom of the ramp from the bridge. The trail surface then changes to rolled compacted asphalt millings and is nearly level for 1,450 feet to Wood Street. Turn right (southeast) on Wood Street and go 200 feet to Brownsville Road. Turn left (east) on Brownsville Road and travel 1,100 feet to Stewart Road. Turn left (northwest) onto Stewart Road and travel 350 feet and turn right into the Stewart Road trailhead at mile 36.8, immediately past the stone-road bridge. Each of the turns from Wood Street is marked by black-and-white trail/road signs consisting of a Montour Trail diamond logo and an arrow.

Westbound: At the Stewart Road trailhead and parking area, turn left (southeast) onto Stewart Road, cross the stone bridge and go uphill 350 feet to Brownsville Road. Turn right (west) onto Brownsville Road and travel 1,100 feet to Wood Street on the right. Turn right (northwest) onto Wood Street and travel 200 feet to the asphalt-millings-surfaced trail on the left.  Turn left onto the trail and travel 1,450 feet on the millings and another 530 feet up the ramp on compacted 2A stone to the bridge over Summit Drive. Continue 510 feet on the limestone-surfaced trail to milepost 36. The trail continues from that point, although you must travel 150 feet on Pleasant Street before turning left onto asphalt-paved trail. The turns between Stewart Road and the trail at Pleasant Street are marked with black-and-white road/trail signs consisting of the Montour Trail diamond logo and arrows.

The trail from MM 36.0 to Wood Street is not finished and the route is potentially subject to delays and changes to the bypasses due to 2021 construction.

Piney Fork Road to Snowden Road (Trail Miles 39.5 to 39.9)

0.4-mile on-road bypass

Mile 39.5 40° 16.459′ N, 79° 58.241′ W;  Mile 39.9 40°16.386′ N, 79° 57.951′ W

Eastbound: The trail ends at MM 39.5. Turn left onto Piney Fork Road. Travel 910 feet (south) on Piney Fork Road, to the tunnel, and travel 1,280 feet from the tunnel entrance, through the tunnel, continuing on Piney Fork Road through the Snowden Road intersection to the trail on the right shoulder of Piney Fork Road.

Westbound: At the end of the asphalt-paved trail lane beside the northbound lane of Piney Fork Road (MM 39.9), travel 1,280 feet (generally west) on Piney Fork Road through the tunnel, and after exiting the tunnel continue 910 feet northwest on Piney Fork Road to the Trail on the right at MM 39.5.

The tunnel is roughly 1-1/2 lanes wide and has a sharp turn at the east end. Walkers and cyclists should use caution in the tunnel, but they do have a small advantage in that they can hear motor vehicles entering the tunnel from either end, The tunnel is usually wider than a single vehicle, but too narrow for two vehicles, giving trail users a half lane to get through the tunnel even with vehicles in the tunnel.

Gill Hall Road to Large (Trail Miles 40.6 to 44.0)

3.4-mile on-road bypass

Mile 40.6 40° 16.484′ N, 79° 57.167′ W ; Mile 44.0 40° 17.574′ N, 79° 54.675′ W

In this section, the MTC does not yet own trail right-of-way.

Eastbound: From the intersection of Gill Hall and Peters Creek roads, continue east on Peters Creek for 2.5 miles to Cherry Street. Once Cherry becomes First Street, travel 0.1 mile, turn east onto Oak/Maple Road, and continue 0.5 mile (past the foundation of a demolished hotel on the curve) to the intersection of Old Clairton Road and Route 51 in Large. Carefully cross the highway at the traffic light, then walk your bike across the grassy strip on the east side, in front of the funeral home. Stay on the grassy strip because Route 51 is a four-lane heavily-trafficked road with no shoulders. Go past brick buildings and a sign marked “Jefferson Technology Center” and turn northeast onto Peters Creek Road. Follow this past the Park and Ride lot (under Route 43). The trail starts at the extreme back end of the lot near the “No Outlet” sign next to the creek.

Westbound: Traveling from Clairton, the Montour Trail ends at the Park and Ride lot under Route 43 in Large. Travel on Peters Creek Road through the lot 0.3 miles, then turn right into parking lot for Jefferson Technology Center adjacent to Route 51. Do not attempt to travel on Route 51 because it is a four-lane heavily-trafficked road with no shoulders. At the end of the parking lot, walk your bike on the grassy strip on the east side of the highway. Carefully cross Route 51 at the traffic light for Old Clairton Road. Once across, immediately turn west onto Oak Road. Go past the foundation of a demolished hotel and follow Oak (which becomes Maple) for a total of 0.5 mile. Turn south on First Street and go 0.1 mile; then turn southwest onto Peters Creek Road after a 90-degree bend. Travel 2.5 miles to Gill Hall Road, where there are Montour Trail signs posted along the road. The Trail continues straight ahead on its own right of way on the south side of Piney Fork Road.