Trail users are expected to follow these rules, which will help to make everyone’s experience enjoyable:

The Montour Trail Safety and Etiquette Guide is available at trailheads and access areas.

The Montour Trail Safety and Etiquette Guide is available at trailheads and access areas.

  • No motorized vehicles, in accordance with the MTC’s mode of transport policy. The only exceptions are approved powered mobility devices and e-bikes, emergency and police vehicles, and Trail maintenance equipment.
  • E-bikes must comply with policy restrictions.
    • Power rating less than 750 watts
    • Weight under 100 pounds
    • Top speed 15 mph
  • Keep right, except to pass.
  • Warn before passing.
  • Stay on the Trail.
  • Trail open daily, dawn to dusk.
  • Camp only in designated areas.
  • Leash your pet.
  • No hunting.
  • No outside signage (such as political banners, advertising ) permitted, according to MTC policy. This includes pamphlets in the Trail’s designated literature boxes.
  • No horses, except in Cecil Township between Hendersonville (Morganza Road) and Venice (Rt. 980). Horses must stay off the improved limestone surface where possible and the rider must clean up after his/her mount. See details below.

Our Trail safety and etiquette suggestions explain how to make your outing a pleasant experience for everyone.

The Arrowhead Trail has its own set of rules, which you can review here. Peters Township maintains this section of the Montour Trail, located on the main line at MP 30.5 — 33.7 and on the Bethel Park line at MP B-2.8 — B-3.3.

Note that planned events must comply with the MTC’s Event Policy.

For Trail Users with Horses

  • Ride at your own risk.
  • Ride only on designated approved bridle trails.
  • Horses are not permitted on the improved surface. Ride on the grassy shoulder wherever possible.
  • Ride in single file and keep speed at a walk/trot only.
  • Dismount and lead your horse over bridges and through tunnels.
  • Curb your horse when possible. Clean up manure left on the path by pushing it to the side of the Trail.
  • In case of emergency, call 911.

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