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Fund Raising Goal

$350,000 Goal 14%

Help us to reach our Greer Tunnel Fund goal of $350,000. Click here to donate.

Construction & Closures

The Greer tunnel is closed through mid-April 2024, to repair its unstable western portal. It is the last phase of a three-part rehabilitation project to keep the Greer tunnel in working order. There is no recommended detour around the tunnel area when it is closed. Nearby roads are hilly, narrow, and heavily trafficked; line-of-sight visibility is poor.

The Challenge

The heavily used Greer tunnel in Peters Township is located in one of the most scenic parts of the Montour Trail. Its ceiling had been slowly deteriorating. Once it became dangerous to users, volunteers erected a temporary scaffold-and-plywood shield to safeguard visitors from debris detaching from the ceiling. In 2022, MTC applied for and received ~$240,000 in grant funds to install a permanent ceiling liner — half of the total cost, with a commitment from MTC to contribute another ~$250,000.

In spring 2023, volunteers and contractors discovered that the tunnel’s eastern façade had become unstable, creating an unsafe situation for users. MTC closed the Greer tunnel immediately. Emergency repairs and security equipment cost another ~$100,000. 

As work on the permanent liner progressed, the crew found that the western portal was in danger of collapsing as well. That work, which adds yet another ~$100,000 to the cost, is scheduled for spring 2024.

Western portal repair plan — click to enlarge

As a result of planned and emergency repairs, MTC’s budget shortfall on this project is far beyond the originally budget of $350,000. Please donate if you are able, in whatever amount you choose.

The Fix

The immediate 2023 action plan — the emergency repair — secured the destabilized tunnel’s eastern portal facade. Engineers drilled into bedrock from the side and top of the portal, inserted threaded steel rods that fastened to steel plates, and then grouted the holes.

Greer tunnel’s eastern headwall elevation and section repair – click to enlarge

The second (and original) repair dealt with fixing the tunnel’s ceiling. A steel lining system was installed starting at the eastern portal, extending approximately 100 feet into the tunnel. The lining now stabilizes the existing concrete structure, improving trail user safety. It is expected to serve for at least the next 50 years.

The Greer tunnel along with the trail section from there to the Linwood trailhead was out of service for about 3-1/2 months in summer 2023 due to the construction. The Chartiers Creek end of the tunnel and the Linwood trailhead parking area (MM 28.4 to 29) were closed off by fencing as a safety precaution. The area re-opened when work was completed in late fall.

The Montour Trail Council has tried its best to minimize disruptions during construction. However, the tunnel must be closed during repairs.

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