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Tunnel Update

Greer Tunnel Construction Update

Greer tunnel is at MM 28.5, the shortest of the Montour’s three tunnels. Over theyears, the structure deteriorated from many freeze-thaw cycles, and MTC made plans to line the ceiling in summer 2023 to keep users safe from falling debris. During an inspection in late spring, volunteers and contractors discovered that the east portal’s facade was dangerously unstable and closed it to traffic immediately. Before any ceiling work could begin, the structure had to be stabilized. The images on this page depict the journey to repair and re-open Greer tunnel .

For information about contributing to MTC’s Greer tunnel funding shortfall, click here.

Prior to 2023, scaffolding was installed inside the tunnel to capture ceiling debris.
Montour Trail Council closed Greer tunnel in late March.
Drilling to stabilize the Greer tunnel portal began May 1.
May 3, 2023: Tie rods used to secure tunnel portal