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ADDRESS:      Rohr PL 989, NY

Fundraising Champion

Help Raise Money to Support Montour Trail!

Our Premier Fundraising Event, with More Ways to Participate

For this year’s event, we’ve added “peer-to-peer fundraising,” an online tool in which teams and individuals promote Gateway Engineers Tour the Montour donations to their own social networks, in an extremely convenient way. The idea is to help Tour participants and volunteers expand their impact and create a larger benefit to the Trail!

Sample fundraising page for Tour the Montour

We invite you to promote the campaign to your own network of friends, family, and coworkers in support of the Montour Trail. You can even join with others on a team to increase your impact.

It’s easy to become a Gateway Engineers Tour the Montour Fundraising Champion!

You can learn more about why the Montour Trail Council needs donations here.

Earn Rewards

We offer great incentives to those who volunteer as peer-to-peer fundraisers.

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Top individual fundraisers and the top team will be honored as distinguished guests at the Montour Trail Council’s Annual Dinner and Meeting on November 5, 2023.

Get Creative

There are a lot of ways to plan your campaign. An internet search of “ways to raise money for a charity from friends & family” may give you some ideas, such as:

  • Dollars donated per mile that you ride in preparation for the Tour
  • Dollars donated per mile ridden during the Tour
  • Parties or gatherings you host to raise money
  • Baked goods or a handcraft in return for a donation
  • Neighborhood yard sale
  • Cell phone message changed to include your “cause”
  • Money jars at restaurants in high-traffic areas
  • Ask your coworkers, and maybe make it a competition

Sign Up Now

First, register for the Gateway Engineers Tour the Montour — if you’re planning to join the ride. But you don’t have to be a Tour participant to be a champion. We encourage anyone who is interested to set up a fundraising page.

Create an account using your email address and a password. (Skip this step if you’ve already created an account on MyMTC.)

The "share my page" tab generates the URL you need to send to your social network. Click to enlarge.

Create a fundraising page. Upload your photo and write a message explaining why you’re raising money for the Montour Trail.

Example of custom message; click to enlarge

Using your chosen email server, send your page URL to others with a short message. It is really that simple — for you as well as your contacts!

When your contacts click "donate" on your fundraising page, they are led to this secure donation form.