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Trailheads and access areas are listed in order of Trail mileage, grouped by towns along the route. As you plan your trip, be sure to check out the Trail’s rules as well as safety and etiquette recommendations.

The Trail is open from dawn to dusk, and overnight trailhead parking is never permitted.

Montour Road (Moon Township)

  • 30 combined parking spaces, heavy use, gravel/dirt surface, water fountain, portable toilet, picnic shelter
    • 15 spaces at MM 0.0 parking area
    • 15 spaces at extended parking lot at MM 0.2


Hassam Road

MM 1.4   40.491733, -80.150967

  • 20 parking spaces, light use, gravel surfaces, water fountain, portable toilet


Old Beaver Grade Road 

  • 30 parking spaces, moderate use, gravel surfaces, portable toilet, water fountain


Montour Run Road

  • 18 spaces at Park Manor Drive, water fountain, gazebo shelter, bike racks


Cliff Mine Road 

MM 5.9 40.451816, -80.199784

  • 40 parking spaces, light use, rough asphalt surface, year-round portable toilet, picnic shelter


McClaren Road (Enlow) 

 MM 7.6 40.456059, -80.231374

  • 36 parking spaces, moderate use, dirt surface, water fountain, portable toilet


Junction: Airport Connector

MM 7.8  40.454667, -80.233667

The Airport Connector is a combination trail/on-road link that runs about 6 relatively flat miles, from Enlow (MP 7.8) to the airport parking lot. It offers touring cyclists an alternate route from Pittsburgh International Airport to the Great Allegheny Passage trail network, since it avoids heavily trafficked Pittsburgh streets. You can find more information about the route near the end of this page, following the mainline trailheads listing.


Findlay Township Activity Center (Imperial) 

MM 8.2 40.450254, -80.245710

  • 40 parking spaces (shared with activity center), moderate use, asphalt surface, drink vending machine


Boggs Road 

MM 11.4 40° 26.074′ N, 80° 17.407′ W

Mary Lou Harper Pavilion 

MM 13.3 40° 24.673′ N, 80° 17.379′ W

  • Shelter, portable toilet

Quicksilver Road & Route 980 

MM 14.4  40° 23.685′ N, 80° 17.072′ W

  • 16 parking spaces, light use, dirt surface, picnic shelter, portable toilet


Junction: Panhandle Trail Connector

MM16.9  40° 22.212′ N, 80° 15.116 W

The Panhandle Trail stretches 29 miles between Carnegie, Pennsylvania, and Weirton, West Virginia. The original train corridor once connected Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis. Today the trail passes through rolling countryside and small towns where you can stop to explore or get a meal. One of the trail’s main features is the McDonald Train Station, which is close to the junction with the Montour Trail.


Panhandle Connector, Noblestown Road (McDonald)

MM 17.3 N40° 21.818′ W80° 14.940′

  • 18 parking spaces, gravel surface, light use, portable toilet

Galati Road 

MM 21.2  40° 19.464′ N, 80° 14.664′ W

  • 18 parking spaces, light use, dirt surface, water fountain, portable toilet, picnic shelter


Junction: Westland Branch 

MM 21.6 40° 19.262′ N, 80° 14.374′ W

The Westland Branch extends from Venice to Westland, a 4.1-mile stretch that offers rural beauty and solitude. This section runs parallel to an active railroad line. Westland’s access areas are detailed near the end of the page, following the mainline trailheads listing.


Routes 50 & 980 (Venice) 

MM 22 40° xxxxx

  • # of parking spaces


Cecil Park  

MM 22.6  40° 19.040′ N, 80° 13.183′ W

  • 50+ parking spaces, moderate use, asphalt surface, picnic shelter, water fountain, full restrooms in park


Ridgewood Drive 

MM 23.5 40° 19.007′ N, 80° 12.415′ W

  • 10 parking spaces, light use


McConnell Road 

MM 24.9  40° 18.936′ N, 80° 11.292′ W

  • 14 parking spaces, light use, dirt surface, year-round portable toilet


Cecil-Henderson Road (Kurnick) 

MM 25.6  40° 18.778′ N, 80° 10.310′ W

  • 20 parking spaces, light use, dirt surface, drinking fountain, campsites, shelter, portable toilet


Oriole Drive at Hendersonville Park 

MM 26.9